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Closed circuit television or CCTV has become a major security tool in today’s society. Due to its rapid growth, CCTV has become a mine field of products and systems. At Security Solutions we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of products, enabling us to specify the right system to suit our customer needs.


We offer a broad range of effective CCTV solutions, bringing together high quality, crisp images with advanced and user friendly storage, recording devices, along with networking and retrieval mechanisms. To enable this we work in partnership with leading manufactuers including Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Vista, Videoswitch, Pentax amongst many others.


CCTV systems can be so effective in protecting premises and reducing crime, if specified correctly. To ensure its success, it is important that systems are efficiently monitored and maintained. Security Solutions provide an in depth design and specification service, whilst offering after sales support including monitoring and maintenance, for new and existing systems.


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  • Design & Specification
  • Cameras, Infra-reds & Vehicle recognition
  • Digital recorders, multiplexers & control keyboards
  • Stand alone & Integrated systems
  • Full installation & support service
  • Monitoring & maintenance


a picture of an enclosed cctv camera
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