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Access control

Access control has become a fundamental tool of everyday security. Although always a major strategy, the control of access has become inaugural due to the development of a vast range of products and systems.


Due to our open product portfolio, we do not restrict ourselves when specifying access control and can therefore offer our clients a tailor made access control system to suit their requirements. In addition we can assist in expanding or upgrading existing systems.


From stand alone single door control systems to large networked access systems, we can design to the needs of the users, ensure the level of required security, whilst providing to the clients budget.


Security Solutions work with a number of recognized manufacturers including PAC, BSB Progeny, Paxton, Bewator, ASSA & Abloy to name just a few. With such partnerships we can offer a whole host of various readers, including card swipe, coded keypads, proximity and biometrics. 


Security Solutions are unique in that our experience enables us to support such access control systems with an extensive knowledge of locking products, door entry systems, DDA requirements and computer software, enabling us to provide a package of security products and services, to protect your premises.


For more information and advice – ring today Tel: 0845 260 0095

  • Design & specification
  • Stand alone or networked systems
  • Swipe cards, keypads, proximity and biometrics
  • Integration with locking, intruder, fire and automation
  • Audit trails and management software
  • Full installation & support service
  • Maintenance & after sales service


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