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Door entry

Many of us live and work in multi occupancy buildings where entrances see a constant flow of occupants and visitors. Although access control systems can be used to control access, often the daily environment requires that a door entry system is also used.


Door entry systems can act as access control but can also enable tenants and occupants to decide who is given entry. Video entry systems allow occupants to see persons requesting entry, whilst audio entry systems allow them to speak and hear a person at the entrance.


Importantly, such systems have now been designed to reflect the needs of the Disabled discrimination act. Intercom panels now provide buttons with Braille, hearing aids and easier operations for disabilities such as arthritis. In addition, systems can be offered that are wireless, offering painless installation and mobility in terms of daily operating.


Security Solutions can offer a range of door entry and intercom systems, from one call button systems to large multi occupancy digital entry systems. We are versatile in that we can provide upgrades to existing or install completely new systems. In addition we can specify such systems to work in unison to access control systems, door automation, high security locking and other disability designed products.


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  • Design & specification
  • Tailor made entry panels with DDA compliance
  • Single door or multi occupancy capability
  • Integration with access control & door automation
  • Vandal resistant panels for high security areas
  • Wireless systems
  • Full installation & support service
  • Maintenance & after sales service
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