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At Security Solutions we offer a range of security doors to suit many applications.

All doors are bespoke made to size and can be finished in any powder coat finish. Doors are supplied with specified locking systems and door controls to suit.


For high security applications we offer an extensive range of steel door sets. Made from 1.6mm zintec steel skins and frame, there are options of in-fills providing various levels of door security. Doors can be made in with design features including louvered panels and glazing units. The glazing can be graded to suit the strength of the door with options in toughened glass, laminated glass, anti-bandit and anti-ballistic glazing.


We also offer a range of aluminium doors and screens. These doors/screens are also bespoke made and available either in swing or sliding, making them popular in public applications, such as offices, communal housing, libraries, sports halls and retail shops. These units compliment our DDA product range, as the doors and screens can be made open automatically.


For more information and advice – ring today Tel: 0845 260 0095

  • Design & specification
  • Manufacture & installation
  • Bespoke steel door sets
  • Bespoke aluminium doors & screens
  • Security features, such as security glazing and astragal guards
  • Emergency call outs and after sales support
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